Small thoughts on bigness

I read these 2 articles today and wanted to share them:

Obesity is much too large a topic to address in this forum.  Books are written, whole courses are taught and careers and fortunes are built around addressing its many facettes.

Pay particular attention to the message of the first article: exercize and weight control are related but still mostly separate topics.  Unless you start from a completely sedentary lifestyle you simply cannot work out your way to real weight loss.  You exercize for fitness and modify your diet (mostly cut caloric intake) to decrease your weight(mainly your body mass index, BMI).  Note that an average adult male must run 5 miles at a fairly brisk pace to lose 1 lb of body weight.

The second article goes to “state of mind.”  We need to be realistic about weight, health, meal and snack size and content, and, even, relationships.  I often point out that as we love our children and offer them sustenance–feed them–then the love and the food become somewhat psychologically linked.  If your child rejects the food then she rejects your love: painful, huh?  We must keep those concepts separated. We must feed our kids but not become too emotionally involved.

And its not just a “personal choice” issue but actually a national security challenge.  The number of recruits rejected as unfit to serve in the Armed Forces is becoming a real concern for military leaders.

So just a few thoughts.  I hope it inspires you, dear reader, to look again at this subject and how it impacts your family.  Pass questions and comments along, and thanks at following.


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