Youth Tackle Football

OK, I may make some enemies in our community with what I am about to say, but here goes.  There is a growing consensus among health professionals who care for children–including pediatricians like me, neurologists, radiologists, and others–that organized tackle football should be avoided in younger players.  Children have larger heads and weaker neck muscles […]

Your Teen’s Cellphone

Remember the “Blockbuster Bowl” on New Year’s Day;  video rental stores?  Where did they go?  An entire industry came and went in only a blink of an eye–a few years, really.  As a still new grandpa I marvel AND fear the rapid evolution of technology and its effects on youth.  This is probably most evident […]

Adolescents and Social Media

When I first entered practice in 1985, the term “social media” wasn’t even a thing yet.  Now, of course, its a major issue in the lives of virtually everyone and in particular adolescents.  It is a frequent topic that I discuss with parents. A recent study in a British public health journal demonstrated some very […]

Cell Phone Radiation

When my wife first attempted to buy me a car phone, over 20 years ago, I was reluctant and resisted.  Why in the world do I need such a foolish luxury, I protested?  Now, of course, like most of us, I develop symptoms of acute anxiety if I have difficulty locating my essential iphone even […]