I am a lifelong NJ resident and have been caring for the children of Ocean County for 3 decades.  I am a graduate of Columbia University and UMDNJ Rutgers Medical School.  Caring for children has been a primary focus of both my professional and my personal life.  In addition to my medical practice, I have participated in overseas missions with Operation Smile and have for years been a proud member of the board of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ocean County.  My philosophy of patient care is for each child to be treated with respect as an individual.  I strive to manage health and use medications scientifically and conservatively.

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  1. Hi love the blog! I was just wondering if you had thoughts on car seats and extended rear facing? There are a lot of different viewpoints out there and it’s hard to make a decision.


    • Thanks for your question. The American Academy of Pediatrics modified its recommendations for use of carseats and booster seats in 2011. This is that statement:
      So generally back seat facing backwards until age 2 is still the party line. The main rational is support for the child’s head until the neck muscles are mature and strong enough. Don’t forget a little kid’s head is much bigger relative to the body compared to an older person. As far as when a booster seat is not needed, when a child is big enough that the lap harness contacts the bony hips and does not ride up to the softer abdomen, and the shoulder harness crosses from hip across sternum and up to opposite shoulder and does not ride up and contact the neck, then the child no longer needs a booster to lift them higher on the seat.
      I hope you find this satisfactory and useful. Please do not hesitate to send along follow up or other questions.


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